Are Your Computers Always On?

The vast majority of business people today have become highly dependent on their computer networks.

Contacts with customers, communications between employees and a wide range of administrative functions all need to be carried out via the computer.

The centrality of the computer to all these essential business activities places a high premium on effective computer support.

Given your dependence on your computers for so many key business functions, it is to your advantage to consider how well your computers are looked after.

Key questions to pose include:

  • Are your computers always on?
  • How quickly are computer problems resolved?
  • Are the levels of protection against viruses and protection of sensitive information sufficient?  

We can all agree that limiting computer downtime to a minimum is a priority, yet how is this to be achieved?

While you can make short-term cost savings by a problem-response IT support approach, over the long-term this is unlikely to be your best option.

Businesses that succeed in maintaining the highest level of computer availability have an IT support system that focuses on preventative action rather than just dealing with problems when they arise, and they also have a full disaster recovery plan in place.

When you take into account the inconvenience to customers, and the number of lost employee hours caused by computer-related problems, it becomes glaringly obvious how essential it is to have a highly-effective IT support policy.

I would be pleased to supply you with additional details of how to significantly improve your IT support.