Unified Communications As A Service (UCaaS)

Technology moves faster and faster. The leaps made from communications from 2010-2011 are considered a snail’s pace compared to what’s happened in the past week. Businesses rely upon solid communications technology to stay competitive, and promote healthy labor stats. When technology advances quickly, so do the people around it, requiring more mobility and connectivity internally and externally.

Businesses can improve collaboration and mobility by integrating communications channels into one seamless platform. This affords the workers flexibility, ease-of-use, and safe and secure transfer of information. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) unifies communications, services, data transfer, applications, and more on a cloud platform. When businesses move to UCaaS, mobility and scalability benefits are immediately realized.

UCaaS Is A Hub For Communications Services

UCaaS acts as a hub for a multitude of communications services, such as video conferencing and clients, mobility and smartphones, email, messaging, and phone and voicemail. 

Navigating away from legacy services may seem difficult and costly at first glance, but when you consider many legacy services actually are charging more to maintain older connectivity lines, with the fact that UCaaS on the cloud is infinitely mobile and scalable, the move is a no brainer.

Monthly costs of UCaaS are on average much lower than legacy and on-premise systems. Businesses save money on a pay-as-you-go approach and there’s no need for servicing hardware with cloud technology. Even software is much more manageable, with instant upgrades in lieu of purchasing separately.

"Worldnet has been working with me and my team for 9 years. They initially started with my phone and internet circuits. They were able to not only save me money but time, by managing the implementations, billing issues and support issues. In 2020 we were having issues with our current VOIP provider and managing our phone system. We were ready to move to something more modern and get out of the ownership and management of a phone system. Worldnet set up several demos with different solutions. One solution that fit the best was using our Microsoft Teams licensing and adding the dial plans through one of the suppliers that Worldnet demo’d. Worldnet assisted with the project management of the Teams solution – porting numbers, scheduling cutovers, etc... We are very happy with the new solution. Worldnet continues to support us on our internet circuit and cloud phone services for our locations in the US and Canada. We reach out when there are issues and they are a true partner in supporting our needs."
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UCaaS Features For Unified, Profitable Models

UCaaS is mobile and scalable. Being hosted on cloud servers, functionality is seamless and features numerous advantages to other phone and communications systems:

  • Unified Messaging – send multiple types of messages from a single application or device
  • Collaboration – tools designed specifically for team communications within an organization
  • Mobility – connectivity regardless of location or device used. Invaluable for remote and hybrid workplaces
  • Presence – worker availability
  • Video Conferencing – video clients, like Zoom or Teams, allowing for internal or client meetings with video capabilities

Streamlining communications affords a competitive advantage by reducing the noise of numerous independent tools and applications.

Get The Most Out Of Unified Communications

Regardless of the size of your business, whether a 5 person start-up or a corporation with hundreds of employees, UCaaS can streamline communications. Productivity, collaboration, and flexibility are significantly improved leading to more engagement and more sales. Setting up and migrating to cloud solutions can be overwhelming to some, at every level. For smaller businesses especially, the time and resources just may not be there. 

Worldnet is a trusted technology agency. We do the leg work for you in identifying the carrier and UCaaS systems that will work best for your business goals. Because of our agnostic approach to telecom solutions, you can be certain that we’re approaching the contract with the same level of scrutiny that you would. If migrating to UCaaS and cloud communications services is on your radar, contact one of our trusted advisors today.