SD-WAN Accelerates Your Business

Software-Defined Wide Area Networks, or SD-WAN, are changing the way we think about connectivity and production and Worldnet is on the bleeding edge of implementation of this life-changing technology. It’s an agnostic network solution that can easily be fitted onto whatever services you’re already running. 

The rise of remote working in recent years has changed the face of work–not just that sometimes we can crank out a forty-hour week in sweatpants, but also in the way that our software and services are required to function. 

If everyone in your office is using a program like Dropbox or Salesforce while at your main office, on your company’s servers and computers, using your company’s network, it’s likely these interactions are fast, secure, and controlled. But workforces are becoming more spread out, and even without remote work, many growing businesses will often use their headquarters to double as the main server for an array of satellite locations. These satellites backhaul information in large data packets to the main server, which are then inspected for security and verification purposes. 

As you can imagine, this creates quite a strain on the many infrastructures you’ve set up–security, usability, speed, client and user interfaces, and so on. More data has to travel longer distances from stranger places, and remain intact and secure the whole way. Stretching the limits of your technology is great for science, but that kind of unpredictability is terrible for business. 

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN agnostic network solution infrastructure eschews the old method of data transfer and remote connection. Instead of all your company’s different devices being connected via a single, centrally-located server, they are located on the cloud.

This decoupling of data from the engines that control it creates vast improvements in speed and accuracy, as well as providing incredible benefits to security. It can connect users to applications across MPLS, LTE, and broadband internet services while also elevating the efficacy of those connections.

Why Use SD-WAN

There are many reasons why your company may be ready for the upgrade to network agnostic SD-WAN technology.

Flexibility – Tech is always changing, and right now, the cloud is king. When your system is run through the cloud, it means any new technology coming down the pipe will be easier to implement.

Cost-Effectiveness – Cloud services often cost less because they require less hardware, less set-up, and less space.

Performance – Instead of straining one central location for all its got, SD-WAN technology utilizes the capacity of the cloud to have all your working locations running at full speed at the same time.

Simplicity – Homegrown systems, while organic to your trade, are hallmarked by complexity that make them opaque for outsiders. SD-WAN connections, relying on the cloud, are simple for everyone to connect.

Connectivity, Bandwidth Flexibility of SD-WAN

A major benefit of SD-WAN comes through simplification. Network and security consolidation helps untangle messy branch infrastructure. This opens up the possibility for multiple data connections that can be augmented and shared across multiple applications on the Wide Area Network, without any throttling.

SD-WAN can also leverage a single-pane-of-glass console, providing enhanced analytics and improved reporting for the users; simplifying deployment, enabling automation, and saving valuable time. 

Best of all is the use flexibility. Especially for sectors that have predictable seasonality or sales patterns, bandwidth can be dynamically adjusted on the fly, and businesses can always pick right back up without losing valuable data.    

How to Choose SD-WAN

SD-WAN is a new technology, and so the choice of how to implement it or which specific software systems to use can be difficult. It is network agnostic, meaning it doesn’t care how you already connect to your services, but this only broadens the range of choices available to you. 

This is where the expertise of Worldnet will help you the most. 

Our expert engineers and developers will examine your existing systems and evaluate your requirements for the current digital age. If implementing SD-WAN will improve your efficacy, costs, or usability by a significant margin, then we’ll make the specific recommendations of what services to use. We will examine your current data network services to do a comparison of current versus new SD-WAN network for an ROI.  Best part, usually it is a more robust network for less money.
Worldnet closely examines your existing infrastructure and supplies the best solution for your singular business. Our many industry contacts mean we are constantly in the know on the best ways of finding you deals and supplying you with the best possible information and technology. Saving you money and improving your production is our foremost concern. Contact us today for your consultation.