Why choose Worldnet?

Sales reps have one bottom line in mind, and it’s not yours. Their focus is on what they can sell you, not what you need. But we’re not sales reps. We’re master agents and your trusted advisors. The only dollar signs we see are the ones you can save.

In fact, our service costs you nothing.

It’s this fundamental difference in approach, built on honesty and transparency, that’s resulted in millions of dollars in savings for our thousands of customers across the country. Our 92% client retention rate speaks for itself, and we know your company can enjoy the same results.
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You don't pay us, the carriers do.

The biggest challenge we constantly face isn’t finding better technology for our clients at the lowest rate, it’s overcoming the thought that: “This is all too good to be true.”

The truth is you never pay Worldnet, ever.

We’re viewed as client retention specialists and revenue generators by hundreds of technology carriers across the country. They pay us for what we bring to the table. Consultants charge fees. Brokers have mark-ups. We have none of those. And we wouldn’t have it any other way, because that’s not what’s best for you.
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Real support when you need it.

Worldnet removes the frustration and time wasted on service requests. If you have an issue, simply contact our support department, and we’ll take care of it.

We get your problem resolved promptly, no matter what it is.

Our strong carrier relationships enable us to escalate your issue for immediate attention. No more repeat conversations about a single issue. No more waiting on hold. No more billing headaches or overcharges.