Business Email Hosting

What is Business Email Hosting

Business Email hosting is internet hosting service that enables users to manage their email account through mail servers. The email server for client is hosted on the server managed by service providers.

What is different in Business Email Hosting?

Every Internet user has email ID hosted on some popular servers like Gmail, Hotmail, and, Yahoo etc. Then natural question comes – Why to spend for business email hosting? There are several reasons due to which Business (especially Small and Medium Business) opt for Email hosting

  • Unique Domain Name – In order to have unique identity in modern business, every business needs to have unique domain name. For example, if someone requires domain name like, , he needs to opt for Business email hosting provider.
  • Security – Today most of the business communication is done through email. Normally free email services are prone to security breach. Such security breach may endanger critical business information of enterprises. Hence, Business email communication need additional security features which is facilitated by hosting service providers. 
  • Reliability – Since business depends heavily on email communication, service should be reliable enough. Many hosting service providers assure that not a single mail will be lost even in case of catastrophic condition. 
  • Availability – Today business world has gone virtual and transactions keep on happening on 24X7 basis. In such scenario, Service level guarantee from providers is of utmost importance. 
  • Multiple Email Account – Practically unlimited number of email accounts can be supported on opted domain by service provides. 
  • Large Storage Space – Multiple Users create huge volume of data which needs to have large storage and regular backup facility. For meeting such requirements, practically unlimited storage is needed by customer. This facility can be provided through dedicated server for this purpose. 
  • Technical Simplicity – Normally large enterprises manage and maintain their own infrastructure for web mail service. However, running such service requires costly set up for installation of Hardware and Software. Also, specialized technical manpower is required for managing operation. For Small Business, this solution is not viable and affordable. 
  • Very Cost Effective – Services offered are very cost effective. Normally all the services mentioned above can be availed for nominal annual fee of few hundred dollars by small enterprises. Also, Service providers offer varying features based on customer requirement at different rates. 
  • Global Access – Since services are accessed through Internet, it can be accessible from anywhere in the world using different kind of devices like Laptop, Smartphone etc. 
  • Customized Service – Many customized services like Auto responder, Blacklist, Whitelist, Auto Backup, Archiving, Mailing List, Calendars, Contact List, Robust Spam / Virus protection etc can be availed by subscribing to the specific plan offered by Service providers. 

Who are the Service Providers?

There are many popular names offering Email Hosting Services. Most prominent among them are – Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Hostgator, GoDaddy etc.

Demand Trend

With increasing realization of the fact that presence on web enhances business potential substantially, large number of business is opting for Business email hosting.

Also, major advances made in the field of storage technology has brought down cost of storage and hosting services significantly. Reduced service cost is further fuelling the growth of service.

During first decade of this century, demand for hosting services was more from Europe, North America and few developed Asian countries. However, now large volume of demand has started coming from developing nations of Asia, Latin America and Africa. 


Broadband Internet is proliferating across globe rapidly. Due to this reason, geography for business has been broken. Now every business is realizing the importance of unique identity on Internet.

Emergence of this realization is driving business across the world to opt for Business Email Hosting. Considering this fact we can assume that within a decade, we will witness all small or micro level enterprise will have unique email domain.