Follow up to Call: Cost Saving Promotions

Cheryl is a network administrator at a multi-location company. She is in charge of maintaining the telecommunication services at each of their branches, and she was getting tired of dealing with the different telephone and internet/data companies for each site. In addition, her management tasked her with reducing their monthly telecom costs.

She called their existing carriers to get cost reduction quotes and spent hours on the phone, only to find that the reps would not return her calls or emails.

Cheryl spoke to a friend in her network, and they suggested she reach out to Worldnet Solutions. Her friend has been working with Worldnet for over 5 years and they have helped her save time and money on their telecom services. Cheryl was skeptical at first, thinking there would be an extra expense to work with a company like Worldnet, but she gave them a call.

Worldnet came out and did their full account analysis. Cheryl was shocked at Worldnet’s findings, mainly because of telco creep (charged for phone lines that are no longer in use). Worldnet helped reduce costs by re-contracting some of the lines with their existing carriers. They were also able to add new technologies on some of the phone lines at no additional cost.

Furthermore, Worldnet helped increase data bandwidth at each location at a slightly lower monthly cost than what they were paying previously. The best part is, all was done free of charge by Worldnet.

Cheryl now has only one number to call for billing and service issues, and Worldnet monitors her agreements for when they are ready to re-term.