Cutting Through The Cloud

The growing popularity of fiber connections is clearly rooted in the increased bandwidth capacity, improved transmission reliability and the major cost economies they offer to consumers.

For all these reasons Michelle decided that cloud-based communications was the best option for her firm. Just consider the following benefits and it is easy to understand why she does not regret her choice.

Email has become one of today’s principal means of business communication, yet maintaining your own internal messaging system involves a significant expense and time input.

By outsourcing the management of the company email you free yourself from the concerns and costs of dealing with software and hardware problems and those dreaded viruses. There are also significant business gains through acquiring extra storage space, and improving data email security.

In the case of Michelle’s company, probably the most important of all of these advantages was a savings on equipment costs and time savings on her part (which is tough to place a dollar figure on).

While these major savings are a great achievement for Michelle, she is also very pleased with the thought that she will never have to deal again with the consequences of a couple of days when the company’s email server was out of action.

Thinking back to the email server failure crisis, Michelle cannot fail to be impressed how her work situation has improved. Worldnet’s free support system has dramatically changed how system troubleshooting and billing issues are handled.

Now, when a phone or Internet connection starts causing problems, or a confusing billing question arises, all Michelle has to do is to contact the Worldnet support desk. She can rely on their professional staff to give their full attention to quickly resolving the issue and restoring full service.

It is no wonder Michelle finds herself commenting to her colleague,

“I cannot believe how much stress and wasted time Worldnet saves me. No more do I have to make a succession of calls, get lost in automated call handling systems, or be kept on hold for ever trying to get a service restored.

The Worldnet support team does a wonderful job taking these burdens off my shoulders and making my working day more pleasant and productive. I am now going to have Worldnet set up a cloud disaster recovery plan.”

Worldnet initially setup a 20mg fiber connection for Michelle so she could automatically back-up her main file server. They also helped Michelle setup hosted email, which cut out costs of the exchange server. Worldnet then became a free support system in dealing with Michelle’s phone and internet companies.