Dark Fiber Optic

Dark fiber optic is actually a term representing a fiber optic cable that is currently not used. The word “dark” refers to the fact that functioning fiber optic cables have light pulses traveling through them hence it is “lit.”

On the other hand, since fibers are not used, it would not contain any light pulses inside, hence termed as “dark” or “unlit.”

In the United States, you will find that the amount of dark fiber optic that is available is quite high.

The reason behind this is that, during the 1990s, telecommunications companies, electric companies and local municipalities laid down excessive amounts of unused fiber optic cables underground.

They figured that it would save from the hassle of having to dig up the streets and causing obstruction to the general public if ever they would need extra networks in the future.

Because of this oversupply of dark fiber optic cables which are literally spanning miles across the United States, the price of dark fiber has considerably gone down.

Today, companies have realized that purchasing and creating their own dark fiber network is more cost effective as opposed to leasing a dark fiber optic system.

Banks are primary consumers looking to using dark fiber to build their own networks. They have enormous traffic which is perfectly suited for the capabilities of the technology.

Apart from banks, colleges are also buying dark fiber optic in bulk numbers in order to build their own networks. Making dark fiber optic a great option for companies, whether public or private, in building and establishing a network.