Are You Tired of Dealing with the Cellular Companies?

If you feel you have had enough of dealing with your cellular service provider, you are in good company.

Cellular service providers regularly occupy high positions in the customer dissatisfaction stakes. Surveys have regularly found customer displeasure rates close to 50%.

The most common cause of complaint is, as you might expect, the fees charged and the way they are presented in your cellular bills.

The number of phone plans on offer can be bewildering. Finding the right plan for your specific business is a challenge, and unfortunately the cellular company’s customer service representatives are not as helpful as you would wish.

The call packages they seek to sell are frequently not the best deals from your company’s perspective. Being expected to stay with a call package for a lengthy period is another source of frustration.

Even if you think that you have found the best billing arrangement, disappointment with the quality of calls, cellular coverage, and disruptions to service in stormy conditions are frequent causes of discontent with cellular companies.

In addition, when you find that your calls to their help desks are not handled with the speed and courtesy you deserve, it is easy to understand why you feel so negative about the cellular companies.

If you think that you have reached the limit of your patience in dealing with the cellular companies, we would like to hear from you.

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