Ethernet Wireless Adapter

Introduction To Ethernet Wireless Adapter

Today we are living in an era of networked world. Inside our home also, we have large number of devices like Laptop, IP Camera, Mobile handsets, Gaming console and other smart devices connected through wireless network, typically named as WLAN (Wireless LAN) or Wi-Fi.

Until a decade back, adding even a single element in our home or office used to be a big challenge owing to complexity related to extending cables.

However, life has been simplified by extending reach of LAN, thanks to a simple device called “Ethernet Wireless Adapter”.

How does it work?

Ethernet wireless adapter is a simple device which gets plugged into the Ethernet port of any network device, for example router connected to a Broadband line. This consists of an antenna which radiates high frequency wireless signal in a defined frequency range (Most adapter use 2.4 GHz frequency).

The wireless signal follows standard international protocol IEE 802.11. Any device having wireless port compliant to this standard can easily latch into this system. The range of Ethernet Wireless adapter depends on the radiated power of device.

In order to safeguard from intrusion of un-intended users, wireless signal gets encrypted using standard encryption protocols like WEP, WPA etc. Additional protection to end user is provided using password protection for logging into wireless network.

What are the advantages?

There are many advantages of using Ethernet Wireless Adapter for making home or office wireless, few of them are listed below

  • Makes Home or office wire free improving aesthetics
  • Addition of new device with wireless port is very quick and simple
  • Cost of deployment is also very less compared to traditional wired networking because of cost saving on account of wiring. Also, cost of wireless Ethernet adapter has been brought down to a level less than $100.
  • Flexibility – People need not have a defined place of working in office as they can roam around with their Laptops. This reduces space requirement in offices to a large extent, which results into further substantial saving of operating expenses.
  • Suitable for Gaming and entertainment – Multiple players can log into the common wireless network and can enjoy very high speed gaming experience. Also, sharing of Files, Music and Video becomes very easy.

Disadvantages of Ethernet wireless?

Despite having so many benefits, there are few negative aspects related to Ethernet wireless system

  • Security Threat – Wireless network is prone to interception. In case hacked, any intruder can log into the system and misuse the network. Once a threat mail was sent by an intruder to a national leader, resulting into arrest innocent owner, as IP address traced was assigned to network owner.
  • Complexity of configuration – Setting up and troubleshooting of network is little more complex than wired network.
  • Signal attenuation – Wireless signal gets attenuated sharply by any physical obstruction resulting into reduction of range.
  • Interference and packet drops.
  • Due to above mentioned drawbacks performance of wireless Ethernet network is not as consistent as wired network.

However, drawbacks mentioned above are not very serious in case user is having decent understanding of network technology. Therefore advantages of Ethernet Wireless network far outweigh its drawbacks.

In modern day, one of the key components of “Smart Device” is its ability to latch into wireless network. Modern day automation and wide proliferation of M2M( Machine to Machine) communication has made it necessary for digital devices to have compatibility with Wireless network.

Today consumer goods like TV, Fridge, Air-conditioners, Home security solution, Personal communication devices, gaming system etc, come equipped with wireless Ethernet port.

One of The key enablers for making all these solution possible is ‘Wireless Ethernet Adapter”. Globally millions of Wireless Ethernet Adapters are shipped every month by major manufacturers like CISCO, Belkin, D-Link, and ASUS etc, indicating the huge demand of this device across the world.