Fortifying Traditional Video Surveillance

Your surveillance security is responsible for protecting important data, infrastructure, and people vital to the success of your business. It’s crucial to maintain a strong line of defense when the occasion necessitates it. 

In addition to being traditionally reactive with your surveillance, it’s equally important to have real time assistance with proactive solutions.. 

There’s a distinct difference to be made here for reactive and proactive security measures, specifically in video surveillance measures. The most assured businesses find peace-of-mind with a system that implements both types of security.

Can Businesses Benefit From Reactive Video Surveillance?

Historically, video surveillance has been primarily reactive. Systems that operate alongside closed-circuit television (CCTV), such as alarms and security lights were created for the intention of scaring off the intruder caught in the act. 

However, these nuisance alarms have gone from helpful to costly. Businesses with large properties and a smaller security staff run the risk of dispatching their few available guards far from their post for a potential false alarm, like an animal or other environmental factors triggered by the alarm’s detection systems.

Reactive video surveillance can be helpful, as it identifies and proves a crime occurred or a false alarm was triggered, but it lacks severely in prevention.

Does My Business Need Proactive Video Surveillance?

As the name implies, proactive video surveillance involves measures that identify security risks in an effort to prevent or at least mitigate the severity of an attack. Typically this line of defense consists of video surveillance equipment, staff training, and other detection methods, like threat hunting; putting your mind in the POV of an intruder. 

Operating proactively is absolutely crucial, and can save your organization thousands even if only partially successful in deterring criminals from accessing your data or other physical assets. 

Even after a breach, you’ll want to maintain and reinforce proactive surveillance equipment and training, with the goal of never repeating. 

Reactive Solutions Prove, Don’t Prevent Crime

Reactive solutions, when first introduced, were revolutionary and allowed businesses to determine what happened at the breach site and sometimes identify the culprit. Video surveillance, or video verification, was plenty capable of handling business’s security needs at first, but eventually the needs outgrew the tech.

A major issue with reactive video surveillance is reaction time. The process is still fairly laborious and involves stopping in-progress recording, scrubbing through footage, identifying the correct time-stamp, and contacting the authorities. 

As this is happening in real time, the crime has already happened. To better fortify security measures, evolving your surveillance tech with proactive video monitoring (PVM).

Proactive Video Surveillance Is Active Monitoring

Proactive video surveillance or monitoring utilizes AI-based “watchguards” that work alongside facility security. PVMs benefits include live monitoring and reporting, and live intervention, all but preventing criminal activity as it happens.

Integrated intelligence identifies risks and sends real time alerts to security. The watch then analyzes the concern and can participate in live surveillance and mitigation via voice or audio warning. 

It’s important to note that proactive surveillance cannot thrive on the technology alone. The human guards are vital pieces to monitoring and securing businesses and their infrastructure. 

PVM augments human guards by vastly improving their ability to detect threats and react in-the-moment.

Save Your Business Time & Money With Proactive Video Surveillance

Your business may be looking to upgrade your property security with tools such as AI assisted PVM and other proactive video surveillance. The good news is that many can still lean on traditional, reactive monitoring in tandem with PVM. It’s not always necessary to rip everything out and start from scratch. 

Proactive video solutions are taking the market by storm, and the benefits and future cost savings associated with lagging reactive systems and false alarms far outweigh the initial set-up cost. 

But you may still be completely green on what systems can benefit your systems already in place, and which ones are best utilized along with existing infrastructure. 

That’s where your telecom and network experts at Worldnet come into play. We communicate with you directly and learn all about your existing systems, what your goals are, and what else you need to succeed. 

We then talk with every possible provider for you. With our agnostic approach, we never favor one over the other. Instead, we find the solution that best addresses your needs.