Which Is Better? – Managed Or Hosted Phone System?

If you are concerned about improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of your business phone system, you are sure to encounter the debate over the relative merits of managed and hosted (also known as VoIP) phone systems.

Given the vital commercial importance of telecommunications it is well worthwhile to carefully consider the options before making your decision.

Managed Phone System Basics

The term “managed phone system” does not reveal much to the uninitiated in telephony jargon, but the basic idea is straightforward.

The key feature of this phone system is that all the hardware and software is supplied by the service provider. They also often offer maintenance and technical support agreements.

Usually you are expected to pay the provider a monthly fee for a certain period. When the agreement expires there is normally an option to renew it, or renegotiate the service package, for example, upgrade to a more technologically advanced phone system.

IP-Hosted Phone System Basics

The “hosted” element in IP-based hosted phone systems refers to how the service provider hosts the phone system server with your calls and data routed over the public network to this server.

Access to the hosted system might be offered for a monthly fee while you are responsible for buying the telephony equipment from the service provider or another supplier.

Alternatively, phone equipment can be rented, and a service package negotiated with a certain amount of free calls, display of a single number for all your outgoing calls, plus other attractive features.

Choosing The Best Option

There is so much information available on the respective merits of hosted and managed phone systems. If you lack the expert knowledge the choice can be bewildering.

  1. How much are you going to save by transferring the costs of maintaining and upgrading your phones to a managed phone system provider?
  1. Do you have a good enough credit rating that will get you the most favorable payments terms?
  1. Alternatively, can you be sure that the initial investment in a VoIP hosted system is going to be justified by the low operational costs and ease of expansion that characterize these systems?

All of these questions, and many others that ought to be raised, require individual answers according to business size and needs.

Since the service providers are keen to sell their products it in unrealistic to expect that they can offer the objective advice desired.

In short, there is no substitute for professional assistance from people with a through knowledge of the range of phone service options on offer, and extensive experience in finding the best option for meeting your phone needs while staying within the budget limitations.

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