6 Reasons Why a Hosted VOIP Solution Should Be Employed Now

Perhaps there was a time, not so long ago, when the business world was relatively stable. Firms could be reasonably confident that they would get long wear out of machinery, office equipment and telephone systems.

If such a period ever really existed is debatable. but what is beyond doubt is that today’s business environment is characterized by rapid changes. This is particularly the case in the realm of communications.

The amazing progress in communications technology over the past few decades is impossible to ignore. It is no longer acceptable for a customer to phone a business and hear that the person they need to contact is out of the office so they must wait until they return.

Just as people have gotten used to applications reacting instantly with the press of a computer key they now expect ultra-quick response times in business dealings. Developers are continually refining communications solutions to ensure faster response times and improve the quality of the call experience.

In this dynamic environment the latest phone systems all too soon become yesterday’s technology. A small fortunate might have been invested in improving PBX hardware while the competitors have already started to use an even more advanced system with value-added new features.

Evidently regular investments in new communications hardware are going to be very expensive. The cost is not restricted to just the equipment purchase or leasing. A company must also take into account the time their IT team need to spend learning how to operate and maintain the new equipment, and the time it takes for other employees to become proficient in using any new applications.

All this expense and trouble is certainly unwelcome, but is there an alternative? No business can afford to allow a major gap to develop between the communications experience they can offer their customers, and the one their competitors provide.

The Hosted VoIP Solution

Fortunately the same technological progress that has generated such high communications quality expectations has also enabled an advanced and very economical solution.

The hosted VoIP concept provides businesses with constant assess to the most-up-to-date communications technologies without the need for heavy hardware investments.

The use of PBXs sited at the business premises dates back to the very early days of telephony in the late nineteenth century. In the twenty first century firms operating according to this approach are severely challenged by the costs of updating their systems.

In contrast, the hosted VoIP approach removes the burden from the company of regularly buying and maintaining phone system equipment. This is made possible because the hosted VoIP service provider routes the company’s communications through the Web. This means that a company to make a heavy capital investment in exchange equipment. The only capital costs are the VoIP-ready phone sets.

For a moderate monthly fee the hosted VoIP system user gains access to all the latest telecom technologies such as quality video conferencing, Internet fax, support for remote work stations, fast data transfer and much more besides.

As a business develops its hosted phone system is easily modified to meet the changing demands. New users and features are added with a click of a computer mouse with no need for costly reconfiguring or replacements of fixed phone equipment.

The significant cost savings and gains in employee productivity make Hosted VoIP one of the most attractive business communications options.

Let’s consider in a little more detail some of the key factors that have persuaded many business people to make the switch from traditional PBX-based to Hosted VoIP systems.

Dramatic Reduction in IT Demands

A significant contribution to the strong economic case for hosted VoIP comes from savings in IT time and expenses. In contrast to traditional telephone systems hosted VoIP makes very light demands on IT staff.

Minimal technical support is required. Since the system operates through a user friendly Web interface there is also no need for elaborate training. The system administrator quickly learns how to configure users and system features.

Safeguard against Disaster

It is impossible to fully protect business premises against earthquake, fires and other large-scale disasters.  Companies that run their communications via exchange equipment on their premises are cut off from their customer and suppliers when such a disaster strikes.

It may take hours, or even days before full communications is restored. Meanwhile existing business suffers and potential future business might be lost. However, businesses operating with hosted VoIP systems protect themselves from such damaging breaks in communications.

Since this system operates over the Web it is free of the restraints imposed by reliance on fixed equipment installed in the customer premises. Subscribers do not have to worry about damage to the phone cabinet in the office hallway or basement due to flooding, fire etc. The Hosted VoIP system enables the firm to immediately transfer all calls to employee cell phones or to another office in an area unaffected by the disaster.

Super Flexible

While every business hopes for continued growth there are so many factors beyond their control that they cannot know for sure what will develop.

Changes in exchange rates, government policies, and political upheavals are just a few common examples of events that can throw a firm’s plans off balance. One of the most valuable features of hosted VoIP is how it makes it so easy to expand or contract the company phone system in line with customer needs.

Adding and removing employees, connecting a new branch office, enabling employees to work remotely are all easily and virtually instantly accomplished with a mouse click. The advantages in time, cost and convenience all represent significant commercial gains.

 Always Up-to-Date

Businesses that want to be sure they have access to all the latest advanced phone features also have much to gain from working with a hosted VoIP system. Independence from reliance on hardware in the customer’s factory or office means that all upgrades are software-only affairs.

The service provider automatically updates the system as new features become available, or existing elements are improved. They inform the customers of new options as they are introduced.

Each business chooses the new or improved options most advantageous for their operations and the provider enables them. In this manner businesses can rest assured that they will benefit from all the latest communications developments without having to be actively involved in this time-consuming and costly upgrade process.

Hosted VoIP Leading the Way into the Business Communications Future

From the perspectives of service provision costs, quick access to the latest phone features, responsiveness to specific business needs and avoiding communications interruptions, hosted VoIP solutions have a tremendous amount to offer.

Perhaps one of the most important of all the benefits is how they can free firms of their business telecom worries to focus on their direct income-generating activities. It is definitely worthwhile investigating how a hosted VoIP solution could bring major cost savings and productivity improvements to your business.

We have already helped a large number of businesses find low-cost yet high quality hosted VoIP exactly solutions that match their communications needs.

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