Keeping Your MSP Accountable

Do you know what’s on your network? Any clue as to what services you’re currently paying for, or if there are apps you aren’t even utilizing? 

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can assist in keeping your business focused and thriving by managing these services. By focusing on IT, data, and software management, MSPs help businesses stay focused and have peace of mind with the backend of support and communications. 

As helpful as MSPs can be, they are also going to push more services as they establish a good rapport with their customers. After all, they are a service provider, and more services equals more money. And while there is nothing wrong with this, far too often, more services can water down the ones already active. 

In this instance, MSPs need to be held accountable. One of the best ways to do this is through a truly agnostic network assessment to determine what services are being utilized to their max capacity, or being ignored completely.  

MSPs Work Best With Strategic Partnerships

MSPs come in various packages, but the main types include the monthly retainer and the fix-it-when-needed kind. Both of these models are perfectly fine for many industries and varying sized businesses. 

To get the most out of your MSPs though, working strategically is key. Include your MSP in your accountability chart and clearly define expectations of their role in your businesses success.

Work closely with your MSP upfront to create a roadmap of necessary technology adjustments and be sure to account for flexibility of upturns and downturns. Businesses grow and technology changes fast, so as you plan for your roadmap with your MSP, be sure to define those needs and wants for 3, 5, 10 years out. 

This will also help keep your MSP aligned with your vision and hopefully (but not always) curb the need for upselling of services that aren’t necessary or aligned with your vision.   

Questions To Ask About Your MSP

When it comes to working with an MSP, you want to make sure they are helping your business grow by focusing on what you have charted out together. Through a collaborative effort, you should be able to clearly define answers to these questions:

Do they understand the vision? – MSPs should be approached similarly to a valuable employee. They should be an extension of your business and brand, preaching the same core values and aligning withing company culture, even as a third party.

Do they fill the need? – Just because they are promised the business, doesn’t mean they’ll always be transparent that they aren’t really filling the need. Sometimes there’s overlap with what an MSP can offer that an employee or two is already more than capable of. 

Do they have the capacity? – MSPs come in various sizes and expertise. Just because they outline their exhaustive list of services, doesn’t always guarantee they have the capacity and/or know-how to accomplish everything in a timely manner. 

MSPs do offer great value when aligned with the visions of your company and held accountable. But the reason who hired them in the first place likely means you might not know exactly how to hold them accountable.  

Test, Assess, Manage with Worldnet

Worldnet Solutions is able to run a free, agnostic network assessment and determine if your network or current MSP needs realigning with your business goals. Sometimes too, this means a new MSP altogether. 

If you don’t currently work with a Managed Service Provider, Worldnet’s free assessment can point you in the right direction, with an MSP that will best serve your unique business needs.