Follow-Up to Call: New Phone System

Bill, a project manager for a real estate agency, was tasked with buying a new phone system for their company. He knew calling multiple companies would open the flood gates with hundreds of sales calls. He also knew that management’s budget was tight; however, they still wanted all the new features and functionalities.

Bill was referred to Worldnet Solutions by one of Worldnet’s customers. Worldnet was able to find him many savings in his carrier services, such as lines and internet, through Worldnet’s account analysis.

Bill had a clear picture of what he had in place at all his locations, and Worldnet assisted with the design for the new phone system that would give him max savings and quality.

Worldnet, with over twelve years of experience in the industry, also set Bill up with the right phone system vendor for his employers new phone system.

In the end, Bill got a new phone system, is paying less per month, and was able to stay within his budget.

Worldnet now maintains Bill’s services and continues to save him money, with one number to call for support.