Oc192 Internet

An OC192 is a super large group of T1 lines that are used by large businesses and campuses as the network backbone.  The OC192 provides high-speed connection and is capable of transmitting data at a whopping 9.6 gigabits per second.  The OC192 provides the largest bandwidth available and can handle full motion, real-time video, sound, very large databases and any number of other Internet applications over a busy network.

An OC192 is specifically designed and engineered for each customer on an as-needed basis.  The price is substantially lower than the equivalent amount of regular phone lines.  In fact, the same amount of regular copper trunks would take up a whole room.

Size isn’t the only important factor to consider when thinking about OC192 for the Internet.  Another big consideration is the bandwidth.  Because of the large bandwidth you will be able to run any type of application available.  It will also ready you for future applications as well.  Time savings alone should be considered, since the connection is instantaneous.  No more waiting for dial-up modems to connect.

OC192 connections are extremely reliable.  Where you may have experienced significant outages in the past you can expect much more reliable service.  When sized properly users should not be affected by minor outages, as they would have in the past.  Instead, traffic is routed over the working lines, eliminating problem circuits from the mix until they are fixed.

Of course, the best reason to switch to an OC192 is pricing.  With competitive pricing now available you should be able to get a good deal on your OC192.  The price has been coming down now that most central offices have been converted to digital specifications.  Cost savings over regular lines should be large with most businesses seeing favorable cost savings within the first year.