Oc3 Internet

OC3 internet is a term that refers to data transmission over the internet. To find out the data transmission, one has to take the number after the letters “OC” and multiply it by the base transmission speed. Since this is OC3, we can take the 3 as a base multiplier; when we multiply 51.84 x 3, we get the following:

51.84 x 3 = 155.52Mbps

This is the speed at which OC3 internet runs on a single line. Speeds on OC3 internet can run anywhere from 2 to 155Mbps (153, not counting overload). According to Ehow.com, OC3 internet connections can deliver high-quality movies to a PC in three minutes or less.

OC3 Internet News

Lowerinternetcost.com is a website from TieTechnology Communications that helps you find affordable and even cheap OC3 internet technology for your business or company. The site also provides 41 carriers from which you can receive low-cost OC3 internet service.

In May 2003, XO Communications, a company based in Reston, Virginia, was selected by Teale Data Center to implement OC3 internet in its buildings. The Teale Data Center is a State Department Agency formed in 1972 that now services over 250 customers. Teale’s agreement with XO Communications included a two-year contract for OC3 internet connectivity.

OC3 Internet

An OC3 is an optical carrier line that is carried on a SONET fiber optic network.  The OC3 has transmission speeds of up to 155.84Megabits per second.  The OC3 is three times faster than the regular OC1.  OC3 is typically used for network backbones for large companies or campus environments and ISPs.

An OC3 is equivalent to 100 T1’s.  Each T1 is comprised of 24 channels, which can be used for voice or data.  The price of an OC3 starts at about $10,000 and up.  This pricing is for a reliable provider and does not include set-up or installation fees.  When choosing a provider consider their service and warranty provisions as well as initial and ongoing prices.

The OC3 makes the perfect network backbone for Internet connections.  The large bandwidth allows for any type of application.  This would include streaming video, live broadcasts and graphics.  The OC3 will accommodate future applications as they become available.  This makes the OC3 a long-term solution, which will be able to pay for itself over time.

The OC3 is a reliable connection.  The OC3 is typically monitored at all times.  If a problem occurs it can quickly be corrected, often remotely.  When choosing an OC3 for Internet be sure to get the proper service agreement for your needs.  If you are providing service to others on a 24-hour basis it is important that your service will cover this time without additional costs.

OC3 pricing is competitive with many vendors offering this product.  It is often hard to compare the prices because of the many packages offered.  When looking at OC3 Internet pricing determine the basic monthly costs as well as installation costs.  Find out what the equipment costs will be as well as ongoing service.