Does Your Phone System Need to be Updated or Upgraded?

While you might apply the old saying “if it works, leave it alone” in certain contexts, applying it to your legacy phone system does make sound business sense.

You cannot assume that a phone system that was good for your company a number of years ago remains good for you today.

Customer calls that go unanswered, or voice mails not attended to, and rising system maintenance costs are sure signs that it is time to consider upgrading or changing your system.

Communications technologies have been developing at a rapid pace over the last three decades.

New phone system technologies enable you to achieve major cost economies while at the same time dramatically improving the speed and quality of your business communications.

Service providers regularly offer their customers upgrades and updates, and it is worth considering which of these improvements could be to your advantage.

Phone System Improvements

There are many options available for updating and upgrading your phone systems so a few examples will have to suffice.

Converting your proprietary phone system to an IP-based business phone system is one of the most popular choices.

Key IP phone advantages include easy system installation and configuration, lower operational costs and the chance to access your messages in different formats.

Moving over to a hosted PBX-system is another popular choice.

By leasing a phone system you can achieve major cost savings. Your phone system is run from the service provider’s premises and they take care of maintenance and operations costs.

In addition, this arrangement allows you to handle your phone communications via different media and at various locations while displaying a single business phone number.

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