Should You Use a Hosted Phone System?

Are you sure that your current business telephone system (PBX) provides the most economical way of meeting your communications needs?

The cost of maintaining and updating a phone system and paying those who operate and maintain it are significant business expenses.

In a similar vein, if you are about to start a new business venture you must consider if it pays to include a phone system in your capital outlay.

Many business people have decided that the hosted phone system alternative is a more cost-effective option. Should you follow in their footsteps?

The basic idea of the hosted phone system is that a service provider hosts in their own premises a phone system dedicated to your business needs.

Leasing the phone service from the provider saves your business a great deal on capital outlay and future operating expenses.

Hosted phone systems also incorporate a number of features that business people find very useful.

For example, it allows you to have a single phone number displayed for all your business premises. Hosting even makes it possible to run a business with home-based workers connected by a single telecommunications system.

Another advantage of hosted phone systems is their capability to support connections via standard phones, cell phones and VoIP, and to allow calls to be received at different locations and through different media.

If you have already made a substantial investment in your company’s phone system you might prefer to stay with your present arrangement, but in many other cases the advantages of using a hosting phone system are readily apparent.

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