SIP Trunk – What Is It and Why You Need It

If you are looking for ways to improve the telephone system of your company, then perhaps you have heard recommendations from friends and family about getting a SIP trunk service. If you do not know what it is, a SIP trunk service is something that you can avail from certain providers.

Once you get this service, your private telephone system (called PBX) will no longer be directly hitched to the public telephone system (called PSTN). Instead, your PBX will be connected to a SIP softswitch which is also connected to the internet.

When you make a phone call, this softswitch will determine whether your call is for a PSTN number or another SIP enabled telephone system. After that, the softswitch will then route your call to wherever it is directed. But the catch here is that your phone call will not travel through the typical telephone lines used by the public telephone system. Instead, it will travel through the internet.

So that is basically how getting a SIP trunk works. Then again, why bother going through all this when you can just go on with the normal telephone system that we came to know?

A SIP Trunk can actually handle more than just one phone call at a given time. Because it uses the internet, it can handle as many phone calls as the bandwidth capacity allows. So if your company conducts a lot of phone calls every day, then getting a SIP trunk will surely lessen your bills.

Also, SIP trunking removes the complicated abundance of hardware and wirings just to support the flow of calls, because the only thing needed is to use the servers of the chosen provider.

In conclusion, if you are indeed looking fore more efficient ways to utilize the communication systems of your company, then you should get a SIP trunk.