T1 Phone Lines

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T1 phone lines use a digital transmission link to transmit voice and data and can be particularly useful for businesses.  A T1 has a capacity of 1.544 Mbps making it a faster connection than many other methods.  T-1 phone lines can be used to connect your private business network to the public telephone network and Internet.

T1 phone lines allow up to 24 simultaneous conversations.  The technology uses channels that are only seized for the duration of a conversation and are then placed back into the of lines allowing anyone to use them.  A T1 can also be channelized to allow some lines for data use and some for voice use.  This can make sense for smaller businesses.

One of the main advantages of using T1 lines is that they are flexible.  Lines are not dedicated to specific phones or people but instead reside in a group to be used by anyone as needed. This allows for the most advantageous utilization of the T1.  One 23-channel T1 can easily service an office group of 50 to 100 moderate telephone users.

The T1 phone lines can be used for both incoming and outgoing phone service. There are usage reports that can help you determine how well you are using the T1 and if you need to add or reduce the amount of T1 phone lines you have.

T1 phone lines are very reliable.  Outages are quite rare because typically the central office has redundant equipment.  You can also utilize the programming of your telephone system to allow calls to overflow to other lines in the event of a failure or even if the T1 is busy.

T1 service is very affordable and allows small, medium and large businesses to utilize digital capability.  Pricing has been coming down so even those with small businesses and their own telephone equipment can take advantage of this great option.  The T1 is connected to the phone system or to the data network via a connection point from the provider.