T1 Vs DSL Speed

In the process of T1 speed comparison vs DSL speed you need to compare both of them in totality. T1 line and DSL connection offer bandwidth and at high speed. But there are two main factors which can separate them from each other. These factors are price and reliability. A DSL connection is a cheaper option as compare to T1 line. The reliability of DSL connection is also less in comparison to T1 line.

T1 connection can be compared with DSL over a matrix of factors listed below.

Speed: The speed of T1 is somewhere between 384 k and 1.5 mb whereas the speed of DSL is somewhere between of 128k and 2.0 megabit. This is the most important point you need to keep in your mind while T1 speed comparison vs. DSL speed.

Government regulation: In the case of T1 line there are state and FCC regulations mandate. The quality level is defined. The customer care service has to be responsive. On the other hand, DSL connection is unregulated. There are no state and FCC regulations in place. Circuit cost escalations, defined quality level and customer service responsiveness are at the discretion of local bell and the third party DSL provider.

Service level Guarantee: In T1 line there is 100 per cent connection uptime and 85 ms round trip package whereas in DSL there are no such facilities.

Speed versus distance: For T1 line there is guaranteed fixed speed independent of distance. On the other hand, for DSL connection speed is dependent on distance from Telco central office. The further away your place the slower the speed.

Distance limit: In the case of T1 line there is no limitation as far as the distance from CO is concerned where as in case of DSL connection the distance is limited to 3.5 miles from central office.

Circuit availability: The T1 line service is widely available. But DSL connection service is not available in small towns and villages.

Physical circuit: The T1 line service is developed for digital data service and may be delivered via fiber optics. DSL are made for voice grade copper telephone circuits. Fiber bridges or taps will prohibit DSL.

If you go through all these points you must have a clear picture of T1 speed comparison vs. DSL speed.