How Can I Save On My Telephone and Internet Services

If you think that you are paying too much for your business telephone and Internet services, you are not alone.

It is estimated that the average American pays four times more than the French, and an astonishing 38 times more than the Japanese, for inferior services. Yet with the right information in your hands, you can still significantly cut your bills.

Start your savings campaign by considering if you really need to retain your landline phones. An alternative well worth exploring is going over to a VoIP service.

Besides lower call costs, the VoIP option has the big advantage of allowing you to retain your business phone number.

Even if you opt to keep your current phone system, you can still save money by sending faxes directly through your computers.

Cell phones are another area where savings can be made. Many service providers offer economical group plans for businesses, for example, free calls within the group.

See if your current provider is willing to improve your deal. If they are convinced that you might take your custom elsewhere this usually gives them a good incentive. You can contact us here or or by calling 1-888-256-2925

At the same time, find out what other service providers are offering so that you have all the information to make a logical choice.

Savings on Internet are harder to achieve because there is less price variation between the different service providers for comparable packages.

However, it pays to shop around and find the optimum service level and pricing for your business needs.

For example, since Internet speed is a key element in service costing, maybe it will be to your advantage to work with a lower Internet speed and gain from lower charges.

We would be happy to share with you more specific details of the major telephone and Internet cost savings that you can so easily make.  More important than just the savings, that is a given, we will take away the painful dealings with the phone/cable companies.