The End of POTS Lines? What to Expect with the Upcoming Network Refresh

By now you’ve probably heard of FCC order 19-72A1, which directly affects POTS (plain-old-telephony-service) lines. These analog transmission lines are implemented over copper wires and have become harder to maintain due to increased costs of legacy technology and general lack of support. However, the FCC estimates around 36 million lines are still in use presently.

The order allows carriers to no longer offer discounted rates for POTS line resale. Many of the big name carriers have already confirmed, some even enacted already, that they’ll stop supporting Centrex, DSS, T1, PRI, and POTS in 2022. If you’re using any of these, you could see your service prices dramatically increase or go away completely if they haven’t already. 

Customers will be impacted. The timelines may be different, but the decommission will affect all carriers. We’ve already seen some carriers scrambling to replace copper networks, as they consider new services over IP/Fiber for their customers.

Another major headache is the lack of communication from carriers about their legacy lines either going away completely or dramatically increasing in price. In most cases, you’ll receive a notification as a bill insert, and this only if you receive paper billing. 

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