Is Voice Over IP the Right Solution for You?

You are certainly aware of the trend to replace POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) with Voice over IP.

If you have not yet chosen the Voice over IP option it is definitely worthwhile considering this move.

The main reason businesses opt for Voice over IP solutions are their cost advantages.

Almost all today’s businesses use Internet services. It does not make sense to pay separate phone and Internet bills when you can enjoy both services over the same broadband connection.

Voice over IP also has tax advantages since it is not taxed as heavily as land lines. Furthermore, POTS providers charge more for distance calls while Voice over IP has standard rates.

Voice over IP service providers offer a range of payment schemes with charges based on service usage, or a flat fee for unlimited usage.

This enables you to have a phone plan geared to your company’s needs. For example, the flat fee is a big advantage where a large number of calls are made from your office each day.

You are also likely to be attracted by Voice over IP’s flexibility with call making and receiving from any device with a broadband connection. This is welcome news if you, or your employees, need to travel regularly.

The Voice over IP advantages are certainly impressive, but there are also a few less attractive points.

Call quality depends on the quality of the broadband connection and this can vary. If there is an electricity blackout Voice over IP services go down while POTS remains operational.

Every business has to make its own Voice over IP benefits calculation. Based on my extensive Voice over IP solutions experience I know how to help you make the most economical choice.